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DataWave Technologies
 has been an innovative leader in data acquisition and data analysis products for the life sciences since 1986.  

The Story . . .

In the late 80's the PC platform was gaining a foothold and researchers were looking for more simple and less costly ways to do their electrophysiology research. DataWave seized this opportunity and developed the first-of-its-kind commercial single and multi-unit spike recording application for the PC. Not only did it detect and record spikes real-time, but was also able to sort-spikes real-time and post experiment. It was the first of its kind and an instant hit with researchers.

With this initial success, came the call from researchers to provide similar software for an even broader range of electrophysiology applications. To address this need DataWave listened to researchers and set out to offer products that were flexible enough to be adopted for all types of electrophysiology experiments. As a result DataWave created its PSW line of products. Another first, the PSW line of products provided tools for data acquisition, data analysis and experimental control for electrophysiology, physiology and behavioral research. And all of this without the need for the researcher to do any additional programming.

DataWave continued to provide quality products as it introduced its SciWorks line of products in 2000. The SciWorks line of products was built on the input and feedback of researchers worldwide as well as the core knowledge DataWave gained from its earlier product line. The SciWorks framework was built to easily introduce new and innovative solutions without having to create completely new applications. To this day, the SciWorks line of products does just that by providing the power, ease of use and flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of electrophysiology, physiology and behavioral research.

Our Mission . . .

DataWave has committed to three main goals throughout its history.

Deliver Quality, Easy-to-Use and Relevant Products
Developing products for our customers is more than just providing the latest and greatest technology. It also means providing them with products that are relevant to their research, that work correctly, help them to be productive in the lab and are cost effective solutions for a wide range of experimentation.

Provide Fast, Friendly and Quality Service
DataWave knows that the business of research has lots of demands for time and resources. That is why DataWave is committed to providing friendly quality customer service and technical support. And DataWave doesn't stop there. With our knowledgeable staff we make sure that we are providing you with accurate information and advice. DataWave looks at service as a relationship--not just an answer.

Foster a Collaborative Environment
DataWave could not be successful without the collaborative relationships it has developed with customers worldwide. It is these customers that provide the feedback needed for enhancement of existing products as well as the development of new products. As DataWave moves forward, the collaborative relationship continues to be a core part of DataWave's mission.

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