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AM-1800 Extracellular Amplifier

The AM-1800 gives you two channels of differential amplification in a single instrument.   This highly reliable amplifier gives you all of the necessary features typically needed for extracellular recording.
Each amplifier channel is designed for a headstage connection and is intended for recording and/or stimulating with high impedance metal microelectrodes.
AM-1800 Key Features
- 2 independent channels
- Pass stimulation and record from an electrode
- Gain selections include x100, x1,000, and x10,000
- Low noise (1.0µV peak to peak)
- High common-mode rejection (> 70 dB at 60 Hz)
- High line frequency rejection with notch filter (>110 dB at 60 Hz)
- High input impedance (100,000 MΩ)
- Low input bias current (±3 pA typical; 20 pA maximum)
- Driven cable shield for reduced capacitance
- Adjustable low and high frequency filters
- Notch filter for 50 or 60 Hz interference
- Can be rack mounted
AM-1800 Specifications
Record Mode
Noise:  3µV rms (10Hz to 10kHz)
Impedance Input
Output Impedance Ratio:  1MΩ/0.1V
Maximum Output Impedance Reading:  4V or 40MΩ
Input Impedance:  1012Ω
Output Impedance:  < 1Ω
Common Mode Rejection (CMR):  Adjustable to better than -80 dB
Input Bias Current:  200 pA
Output dynamic range:  ±10 V AC, minimum
Low-Cutoff Filter:  Cut-Off Frequencies: 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 300 Hz
Cut-Off Rate: 40dB/decade
High-Cutoff Filter:  Cut-Off Frequencies: 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20 kHz
Cut-Off Rate: 40dB/decade
Notch Filter:  Center Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz (factory preset)
Rejection: >30dB
Gain:  100, 1000, 10,000
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AM-1800 Requirements
- no special requirements

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