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Tethered "Record Only" Micro-Miniature Headstages
DataWave offers a wide range of tethered record only headstages from TBSI.   These miniature and lightweight headstages are perfect for any size animal and are well suited for experiments where the animal is stationary or freely-moving.

These technically superior headstages are available in a number of channel and gain configurations.   They provide a well integrated solution when combined with the AM-3600 and the AM-4000 amplifiers.

Size comparison for a 32 channel headstage.

NOTE: Less channel count headstages are even smaller.
Record Only Micro-Miniature Headstages*
- VLSI chip technology guarantees the smallest size and lightest weight
- Light enough for the smallest of animals
- Perfect for freely-moving animals and behavioral experiments
- 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel options
- Gain options of 2, 20, 100 & 1000
- Bandpass filtering on per channel basis
- Bandpass filtering
- Open approach allows it to easily interface to various amplifiers and electrodes
* Some specifications listed above may not be available for all headstages. Contact DataWave to help you with your specific needs.
Contact DataWave for specific details
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Record Only Micro-Miniature Headstage Requirements
- These headstages require DC power of 3V or 5V. Amplifiers sold by DataWave supply this power.

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