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Powerful video monitoring and/or tracking that can be used stand alone or integrated as part of Experimenter Real-time data acquisition.   Plug & play video makes it easy to setup and configure.   Post experiment tools provide interactive replay, editing, scoring and analysis.
Click HERE for more information about how VideoBench is integrated as a stand-alone SciWorks package or as an integrated plugin to SciWorks data acquisition and analysis packages.
    VideoBench 7 New Features
- Create 3D Tracking Maps (heat maps)
- Additional Tracking Parameters and Calculations
- Support for More Capture Devices (USB, HD and multiple-camera)
- Remote Camera Control (zoom, pan, tilt)
- Overlay and Blend Tracked Points, Zones, Tracking Maps
- Tracked Multiple Points in Same Region or Different Regions
- Optionally Smooth Tracked Data
- And More . . .
DataWave Real-time Video Capture and Tracking Maps
DataWave Real-time Video Capture and Tracking Analysis
DataWave Real-time Video Tracking Analysis in Water Maze
VideoBench is a SciWorks plugin that is made up of a series of tools for real-time video capture and tracking as well as post replay, editing and analysis. It is fully integrated with DataWave's SciWorks and Experimenter data acquisition and analysis. Its flexibility, ease-of-use, and plug & play compatibility eliminates the barriers often encountered with other software packages. VideoBench is perfect for a wide variety of experimental applications.

The Capture features of VideoBench provides the functionality needed for capturing video for behavioral and position analysis. Video can be monitored and/or captured to file for real-time or post-experiment replay, editing and analysis. When the video is simultaneously captured with other types of experimental data (i.e. electrophysiological signals) it is precisely synchronized in time. And don't worry about file size, DataWave's unique frame-by-frame compression allows for hours of recording video while still retaining the image quality of any single frame.

The Tracking features of VideoBench provide the functionality needed for "tracking" one or more spots on a frame-by-frame basis. Spot color and brightness are easily defined using a color sampler. Tracked points can be tracked full-frame or can be limited to one or more regions in either a maze, an open field or multiple cages. Quality of tracking is provided numerically or visually by overlaying points on top of the video. Various orientations, grid, and display options further enhance the tracking capabilities. Tracked points can be saved to file along with other experimental data for further replay, editing and analysis.

- Supports a wide variety of Plug & Play digital video devices or video capture cards
- Supports High Def (HD)
- View and capture video to file simultaneously
- Unique frame-by-frame compression allows for hours of recording
- Video frames are time synchronized to other experimental data (i.e. electrophysiological signals)
- Video timing is calibrated to experiment time with microsecond resolution
- Capture continuously, in blocks of time, or as a snapshot
- Scale images to actual size
- Track one or more points simultaneously
- Track bright, dark or colored spots
- Tracked point smoothing
- Calculate speed, distance, total distance, etc.
- Track points to full frame or limit tracking to one or more regions within a frame
- Define multiple tracking zones of any shape
- Paired-point tracking for tracking orientation
- Save tracked points to file along with other experimental data
- Track points real-time or from an already existing video file
- Output tracked points in scaled, pixel or grid format
- Tracked point data is compatible with existing analysis applications
- Display one or more video windows
- Overlay tracked points and tracking maps with video
- Dynamically size windows even during capture
- Display grid, tracking grids and tracked regions
- Display tracking maps in 3D format
- Various tracked point display features for displaying location in a 2D format
- Display 3D tracking maps
- Tracking Maps for calculating tracking information in a user defined grid
- Zone Analysis for calculating tracking information in user defined zones
- Graphically display Zone and Tracking Map results in a spreadsheet or graphically in a video window
- Calculate various tracking values (i.e. avg. speed, number of visits, time in zone, etc.)
- Calculate event values (i.e. number of firings or events per zone, avg. firing rate per zone, etc.)
- Calculate data values (i.e. EEG power values) verses tracking map location
- Values can be calculated on a per zone visit, across all visits to a zone and per trial or experiment basis
- Values can be written directly to a spreadsheet, both real-time and post experiment
Replay and Editing
- Replay captured video real-time, fast-as-possible or frame-by-frame
- Instantaneously access any point in time
- "Link & Sync" technology allows for time synchronization to other experimental data
- Insert and edit marker or scoring information in conjunction with video or tracked points
- Cut, copy and paste video data into an existing or new file
- Image printing capabilities
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Computer & Operating System Requirements
- Requires DataWave's core SciWorks package and the Experimenter plugin
- Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3), Windows 7, 8 or 10
- 35 megabytes free disk space for installation
- Additional free disk space for data files (experiment dependent)
- **Digital video device (i.e. camcorder or webcam) OR video card that supports either analog or digital video capture
- The necessary processor speed and memory requirement is highly dependent on the type of video capture, data acquisition and analysis being performed.
  **  Must be Windows XP, 7 or 8 plug & play compatible and recognized by Windows as a video capture device.

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