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Experimenter for Intan
DataWave now has a version of Experimenter fully supporting Intan Technology Recording Devices.  Intan devices are fully supported in Experimenter for Real-time recording and post experiment data analysis.   Making the Experimenter / Intan combination a POWERFUL solution for your lab.

Just like all other SciWorks Experimenter products, Experimenter Intan gives you access to all of the real-time control, stimulation and analysis tools found in all other versions of Experimenter.   Powerful, Easy-to-use and flexible for typical and custom experimental protocols.

Typical Applications:
- Multi-Animal Recording (up to 8).
- High Density Recording (up to 512 channels).
- Multi-unit/spike recording, LFP, EEG and Field Potentials.
- Video Capture, Tracking and Behavior analysis.

Key Advantages:
- High Throughput with one or more animals with high channel counts.
- Superior recording by digitizing signals at the headstage.
- Lower cost per channel.
- SciWorks & Experimenter provide a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use interface.
DataWave Recording with Intan Recording Controller
DataWave Spike Recording and Spike Sorting with Intan
Experimenter for Intan is a SciWorks plugin for real-time recording, data acquisition, data analysis and experimental control using Intan Recording Devices. It is the perfect solution for high throughput, multi-animal recording or high density (high channel count) recording.

DataWave knows that your research changes and projects come and go. So, in addition to the powerful features of the Intan devices, the Experimenter for Intan easy-to-use interface lets you create and design experiments specific to your changing research needs. And unlike other software packages that simply stream data to disk, the power and flexibility of Experimenter for Intan gives you true control over your experiment as well as the real-time and post experiment data analysis.

Whether you are on the leading-edge of science or simply need a way to automate day-to-day lab procedures, Experimenter for Intan will simplify your experimentation, improve productivity and minimize costs.

The Experimenter for Intan plugin is integrated as a complete SciWorks Data Acquisition package which you will find to be a reliable and much used tool in your lab.
Intan Device Support
- Complete support and control for Intan devices including the "Intan Recording Controller" and "Intan Evaluation Board"
- Support and control one or more Intan devices simultaneously
- Record up to 8 amplifiers per device with 16, 32 or 64 amplified channels per headstage amplifier
-Record additional analog and temperature channels at each of the headstage amplifiers
- Record additional analog channels at the device
- High and low pass hardware filtering at the headstage amplifier
- DC offset removal at the headstage amplifier
- Real-time IIR Notch filtering during recording
- Select any of the amplifier channels for Audio output
- DAC output including set values, pulse, paired pulse and bi-phasic pulse
- DAC waveform output (< 1 kHz) including sine, pulse train, user defined, etc.
- Digital Input and Output (DIO) as single values or continuous stream
- Digital output / control at the headstage
- Impedance testing and measurements
- Stimulus blanking
- Amplified DAC output of recorded signals
- Hardware buffering and monitoring to prevent buffer overruns
Data Acquisition
- Record different channels at differnt sample rates and different sweep lengths
- Timescale and synchronize recordings to the experiment and external events
- Continuous or trial based acquisition
- Synchronize trial start to command execution such as stimulation
- Calibrate data in terms of "user units" such as temperature, pressure, flow, etc.
- All data items are timestamped to 1 microsecond resolution with a high resolution clock
- Support for DataWave's VideoBench (Video Capture, Tracking and Monitoring)
Stimulus Generation and Analog/Digital Output
- Generate stimuli and acquire data at the same time
- A stimulus "List Generator" automates stimulus output and provides both random, pseudo-random and fixed output
- Generate analog waveform output for auditory or behavioral queuing
- Generate analog auditory stimuli including tones (straight, AM, FM), noise, clicks and custom
- Apply analog auditory stimuli effects such overlays, ramps, attenuations
- Play and manipulate .wav files for auditory stimulation
- Interface to various stimulators such as video, auditory or somatosensory
- +Multiple channels of analog output for variable amplitude pulses, pulse trains or waveform output
- ++Programmable counter/timers interface for complex pulses or pulse trains
- ++Write to multiple digital ports for experiment control
- Universal support for Digital to Analog (D/A) and other types of counter and IO hardware from various manufacturers
Data Analysis
- All Analysis can be performed while data is being acquired or from file playback
- Detect and extract events based on software window discriminators
- Real-time Multi-Unit Spike Sorting & Separation using the DataWave AutoSort plugin
- Extract key waveform parameters such as peak, valley, area, dV/dt, and many others
- Waveform averaging
- Event or spike triggered averaging
- Digital filtering
- Detect waveform bursts
- Detect spike/event bursts
- Rate meters and rate gauges
- Firing rate grids
- Perievent time (PETH), Inter-event interval (IEIH) histograms and Dot Rasters
- Cross Correlation Histograms
- Continuous Event interval analysis
- Signal conditioning such as auto-baseline and waveform smoothing
- Statistical calculations for waveform and single value data
- Fourier Analysis including various power calculations
- Sonograms and spectrograms
- Statistical distribution analysis and display
- Acquire to a real time spreadsheet for custom analysis and reporting
- N-ProbeTM Analysis for custom multi-array and multi-channel electrode analysis for tetrodes, stereotrodes and multi-array electrodes
- Perform math operations defined by custom equations to operate on single value or array data (i.e. histograms or waveforms)
- Curve fitting of single values
Data Display
- All data can be displayed while data is being acquired or analyzed
- Windows for displaying all types of data, including both acquired and analyzed
- Windows can be zoomed, auto-scaled, and both x and y axes can be controlled independently
- Extremely fast display options
- Numerous window controls for controlling windows independently or as a group
- Automatically hide, show and bring to top windows during experiment execution
Markers, Messaging and Data Annotation
- An unlimited number of flags and trial information can be recorded simultaneously with data
- Extensive updating capabilities of stimulus, counter, digital I/O in trial markers
- Trial markers and messages recorded in data files provide extensive off-line analysis capabilities
- Unique ability to assign identification (ID) information to different types of data
- Interactive marker editing (insert, move, delete) provided post experiment using the SciWorks DataView components.
External Equipment Interfacing and Control
- Interface for acquiring video with the DataWave's VideoBench (Video Capture, Tracking and Monitoring)
- External triggering of data acquisition
- Interface for control of external hardware using TTL triggering and Digital IO
File Output and Data Replay
- Write to or read from one or more files simultaneously during experimentation
- High performance file format allows for multiple data types (including raw, analyzed and markers) to be saved to the same file
- Multiple formats supported for both import and export (i.e. DDF, WorkBench, Discovery, ABF, CED, Neuralynx, Plexon, EDF, NEV, Neuroshare, and ASCII)
- Data can be replayed from file just as it was acquired using slower, actual, or faster timing
- Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste complete files or selected data for replay and analysis
Experimental Control, Execution and Timing
- Multiple procedures can be executed simultaneously and independently of each other
- Dynamically change experiment parameters while the experiment is executing
- Conditional experiment execution based on experimental results and external equipment
- Timers, counters and looping controls for automated experimentation
Custom User Interface
- Design your own menus to use during real-time and file playback
- Design your own dialogs to use both at real-time and file playback
- Work with calibrated and non-calibrated data in the same experiment
- Both manual and automatic calibration techniques
- Calibration information saved to data files for easy replay of data in calibrated format
- Calibration settings can be stored in files and recalled for different types of experimentation
Timing Calibration
- Timing calibration provides synchronization for all timing mechanisms
- Timing calibration gaurantees high resolution timing for experiments lasting hours, days, weeks etc.
- Automatic timing calibration methods simplify the calibration process
- Timing calibrations can be stored on a "per device" basis
Experimental Design and User Interaction
- Complex experimental protocol can be easily created using a combination of events and objects
- Real-time logging of experiment protocols and execution
- Design status warn when settings are incomplete or incorrect even before execution
- Experiment protocols are easily defined with common defaults and intuitive settings
- Unlimited number of experimental definitions can be created, saved and recalled at any time
- Multithreaded and event driven execution for Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10
- Experiment execution allows complete user interaction
- Complete and thorough online help system, tutorials and samples make Experimenter easy to use
 +Dependent on the type of A/D converter board installed
 ++Dependent on the type of additional hardware (i.e. clock timer card installed)
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Computer & Operating System Requirements
- Windows 7, 8 or 10
- 35 Mb free disk space for installation
- Additional free disk space for data files (experiment dependent)
- A USB port is required when using Experimenter with an Intan Device (the Intan selected determines whether USB-2 or USB-3 is required)
- CPU speed and memory requirements can vary depending on the type of experimentation.

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