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Experimenter for TMSi
DataWave now has a version of Experimenter for human recording with TMSi Recording Devices.  TMSi devices are designed for use with humans with some that are FDA approved. These devices are fully supported in Experimenter for Real-time recording and post experiment data analysis.   Making the Experimenter / TMSi combination a POWERFUL solution for your research.

Just like all other SciWorks Experimenter products, Experimenter TMSi gives you access to all of the real-time control, stimulation and analysis tools found in all other versions of Experimenter but with a focus on humans.   Powerful, Easy-to-use and flexible for typical and custom experimental protocols.

Application Highlights:
- EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG, etc.
- Sensor recording of signals such as SpO2/Pulse Ox, xyz-acceleration, xyz-position, GSR, respiration, etc.
- Supports High Density EEG/EMG/ECG Recording.
- qEEG Brain Maps.
- ERPs
- Real-time Video Capture and Behavior analysis.

Key Advantages:
- Superior recording results.
- Designed for human use.
- TMSi Active cable technology eliminates 50/60 Hz noise and cable movement artifacts.
- Raw signals allow re-referencing during real-time recording and during playback and analysis.
- SciWorks & Experimenter provide a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use interface.
DataWave TMSi Recording with Porti
DataWave TMSi Recording with Refa
DataWave TMSi Recording qEEG Brain Map
Experimenter for TMSi is a SciWorks plugin for real-time recording, data acquisition, data analysis and experimental control using TMSi Recording Devices. It is the perfect solution for Human based research when recording signals such as EEG, EMG, ECG and EOG as well as physiological signals.

DataWave knows that your research changes and projects come and go. So, in addition to the powerful features of the TMSi devices, the Experimenter easy-to-use interface lets you create and design experiments specific to your changing research needs. And unlike other software packages that simply stream data to disk, the power and flexibility of Experimenter for TMSi gives you true control over your experiment as well as the real-time and post experiment data analysis.

Whether you are on the leading-edge of science or simply need a way to automate day-to-day lab procedures, Experimenter for TMSi will simplify your experimentation, improve productivity and minimize costs.

The Experimenter for TMSi plugin is integrated as a complete SciWorks Data Acquisition package which you will find to be a reliable and much used tool in your lab.
TMSi Device Support
- Complete support and control for all TMSi devices
- TMSi Devices offer superior signal quality and eliminate 50/60 Hz noise and cable movement artifacts
- Record raw signals (without filtering) and re-reference real-time and/or post recording
- Support and control one or more TMSi devices simultaneously
- Record only a few channels with low-cost devices or many channels with high density devices
-Record electrophysiological channels (EEG, ECG, EMG etc.) simultaneous with physiological channels and sensors (acceleration, position, SaO2, GSR, HR, etc.)
Data Acquisition
- Record different channels at differnt sample rates and different sweep lengths
- Timescale and synchronize recordings to the experiment and external events
- Continuous or trial based acquisition
- Synchronize trial start to command execution such as stimulation
- Calibrate physiological and sensor signals to actual units
- All data items are timestamped to 1 microsecond resolution with a high resolution clock
- Support for DataWave's VideoBench (Video Capture and Monitoring)
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Computer & Operating System Requirements
- Windows 7, 8 or 10
- 35 Mb free disk space for installation
- Additional free disk space for data files (experiment dependent)
- A USB port or Bluetooth is required when using Experimenter with an TMSi Device (dependent on the device selected)
- CPU speed and memory requirements can vary depending on the type of experimentation.

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