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High Density Tethered Multiplexed System
Looking to record a large number of channels?   DataWave offers a cost effective solution with the Tethered Multiplexed System.
At the heart of the high density Tethered Multiplexed Systems are the TBSI multiplexed headstages.   These headstages give you the ability to acquire a large number of channels with a minimal number of output wires, resulting in simplified connections, easier mobility of the animal and lower overall hardware costs.

The multiplexed systems reduce the number of wires in the cable between the animal and the amplifier as seen in the table.

The Tethered Multiplexed System combines the TBSI multiplexed headstage, AM-4000 Amplifier, DataWave data acquisition hardware and the DataWave SciWorks Experimenter for a superior high density recording solution.   A Dragonfly Commutator can also be added to improve animal mobility.
Channels* Wires in Cable
31 3
62 4
93 5
124 6
* If a reference channel is used with the Multiplexed Headstage then the actual channel count will be one less than what is listed.
High Density Tethered Multiplexed Systems
- 31, 61, 93 and 124 channel options
- Minimal wires between animal and amplifier, 31 (3 wires), 62 (4 wires), 93 (5 wire) and 124 (6 wires)
- Simplifies and lowers the cost of an optional commutator by minimizing the number of connections
- Perfect for freely-moving animals and behavioral experiments
- Incremental system growth in 32 channel increments
- Optional LEDs for video tracking
- See AM-4000 Amplifier for additional amplifier information
- See Experimenter Real-time for additional data acquisition software information
High Density Tethered Multiplexed System
Component Combinations
Wires between
Animal & Amplifier
Headstages per
Multiplexed Unit
A/D Converter
Experimenter RT
Software license
31 1 3 1 1 1 1
62 1 4 2 2 2 1
93 1 5 3 3 3 1
124 1 6 4 4 4 1
Headstage & Demultiplexor (not including amplifier)
Gain:   600 standard, 120 optional
Bandpass Filtering:   0.8Hz to 7kHz
Size:   5x15x20 mm
Weight:   < 0.8 grams (per 31 channel headstage)
Input Impedance:   1MΩ
Output Impedance:   158MΩ
Max Input Range (gain 600):   ±2V
Max Input Range (gain 120):   ±10V
Max Output Range:   ±1.2V (before amp)
  See AM-4000 for amplifier specifications
High Density Tethered Multiplexed System
- No special requirements

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