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High Density Wireless System
Ready to simplify your high density connections?   DataWave offers a leading edge solution with the high density Wireless System.
With this system the wires are eliminated between the animal and the amplifier.   Making it a perfect solution for freely-moving animals or behavioral experiments where high channel counts are required and unhindered movement is essential.
The high density Wireless system is a 63 channel configuration consisting of the TBSI Wireless Headstage, AM-4000 Amplifier, DataWave data acquisition hardware and the DataWave SciWorks Experimenter.
High Density Wireless Systems
- 63 channels of wireless recording
- No wires between animal and amplifier
- Perfect for freely-moving animals and behavioral experiments
- See Wireless Headstage for additional information
- See AM-4000 Amplifier for additional amplifier information
- See Experimenter Real-time for additional data acquisition software information
High Density Wireless System
Component Combinations
AM-4000 Amps A/D Converter
Experimenter RT
Software license
31 1 1 1
63 2 2 1
  See Wireless Headstages for headstage specifications
  See AM-4000 for amplifier specifications
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High Density Wireless System

High Density Wireless System
- No special requirements

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